World Polymers is a trusted and experienced broker of prime, wide spec, recycled, commodity and engineering resins.  World Polymers is known by many as "my favorite supplier" and is an American based company with a hallmark for honesty and integrity, helping clients save time and money with our more than twenty five years of experience supplying polymers and additives to plastic manufacturers worldwide, supporting manufacturing processes such as: film/sheet/profile extrusion, blow molding and injection molding, and custom compounding, servicing diverse industry segments such as; automotive, medical, construction, film and packaging, dairy, telecommunications, agricultural, toys, home & garden products, and more.   

Specializing in direct rail car shipments, local bulk truck deliveries, truckloads delivered in bags or boxes, certifiable prime import resin in supersacks, and of course export resin in woven 25 KG bags.  World Polymers will deliver your material how you want it and when you want it.

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Quality and service you can rely on, product knowledge you can trust, all at competitive prices.  Put our experience to work, bringing polymers of the world to you. 







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